Hedge Funds Bet Bitcoin Will Be The Next ‘big Short’

Private White House briefings were shared with investors who made fortuitous bets against the market in late February.

16 Mar 2020.

A hedge fund is an investment partnership—the marriage of a fund.

Hedge fund strategies include long-short equity, market neutral,

This wide latitude may sound very risky, and it certainly can be.

his fund reaped billions from betting against mortgages back in 2008.

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18 Oct 2020.

An aggressive Bitcoin trade got crypto VC shop Paradigm flying out of the gate.

“Where a small group of people came together for a brief moment, did.

it,” says Mike Novogratz, the ex-hedge fund manager and crypto personality.

invest in their new firm which would craft a crypto strategy that would win.

22 Jul 2020.


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Hedge funds are betting that certain U.K. companies' shares will fall.

The next most-shorted U.K.-listed companies were Metro Bank.

Read:Caught out by big market swings, traders rushed to short U.K. stocks in March.

Investors betting that optimism over the U.S. economic outlook will lift yields on longer-term US Treasury securities faster.

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'The Big Short 2.0': How Hedge Funds Profited Off the Pain of Malls.

So by betting on their demise, both could profit handsomely — which they did.

Jason Mudrick, whose New York hedge fund, Mudrick Capital, focuses on distressed.

Bitcoin's 2020 surge could be set to continue as the digital cryptocurrency better.

Wall Street heavyweights profited as the market melted down in February after getting private warnings from the Trump administration, new report says Wall Street investors knew of private concern.

7 Apr 2020.

'Criminally unjust:' 'Big Short' investor who called subprime.

Michael Burry, the doctor-turned-investor who famously bet against.

his hedge fund's bearish mortgage wagers were chronicled in “The Big.

“Medically, the new normal will be the old normal.

For years J.P. Morgan was skeptical of Bitcoin.

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