Hicehash Hacked?

5 Dec 2017.

15 Dec 17. Hicehash hacked? : NiceHash. I see on twitter a number of people who've found their receiving addresses have gone to zero. For.

Earlier today the NiceHash service went into maintenance mode and it has continued for hours, something that does not normally happen with the service, sparking rumors about a hack. A bit later the official confirmation has been posted that the rumored hack has indeed happened, below is a quote of the official statement released by NiceHash with more details to follow soon hopefully.

08/12/2017  · A Slovenian cryptocurrency mining marketplace, NiceHash, said it lost about $64 million (roughly Rs. 413 crores) worth of Bitcoin in a hack of its payment system, the latest incident to highlight.

The cryptocurrency mining marketplace NiceHash has announced it suffered a hack attack. As a result, hackers have stolen an unknown amount of funds and emptied its entire Bitcoin wallet. In an official statement issued on Wednesday, the company said “Unfortunately, there has been a security breach involving NiceHash website. We are currently investigating the nature of the incident and, as a.

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alternatives do you guys think are better for mining? while hicehash does not return .

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07/12/2017  · NiceHash has been hacked and its Bitcoin wallet emptied. The service stated that a security breach involving the NiceHash website took place, which resulted in.

8 Dec 2017.

What was wrong with a comment about a possible government hack?.

are up and running again in minutes. just turn the hicehash miner off.

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