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We don't use when to introduce possible or unreal situations: Unfortunately, if you arrive too late, you are not allowed to take the exam because.

Situational irony occurs when the expected outcome does not happen, or the.

This situation is ironic because airplane pilots spend most of their time at work high in the air.

Expectations can also be unmet due to simple misunderstandings.

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Zero conditional sentences express general truths—situations in which one.

are used to express situations in which the outcome is likely (but not guaranteed).

If the result is likely, use the first conditional (i.e., simple present + simple future).

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A simple random sample is a set of n objects in a population of N objects where all possible samples are equally likely to happen.

It isn't true that a random sample is chosen “without method of conscious decision.

This type of situation is the type of real-life situation you'll come across and is what.

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Type 2, A hypothetical condition and its probable result, Simple past, Present conditional or Present.

The type 1 conditional is used to refer to the present or future where the situation is real. The type.

These sentences are not based on fact.

A frequent flyer live-blogged his business class trip from Heathrow to New York via Amsterdam to ‘demystify what it’s.

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